As mankind goes deeper into space and deeper into the oceans, our reliance on robots will increase. RoboHiTec is the power of robotics.

RoboHiTec is a leader in the field of advanced robotics. With many years of experience and a pool of highly skilled engineers, programmers and robotics experts RoboHiTec could take on any project.

RoboHiTec also works with various companies and universities around the world to promote the advancement of robotics technology. Experts from RoboHiTec.com also work with schools to promote the education of children. By encouraging children to play with Robots, children gain an interest in science and contribute to society.

RoboHiTec promotes the education of children around the world, so that they could better contribute to human development and the advancement of science. RoboHiTec also promotes the education of poor children around the world, so that they could better utilize their talents, for the good of the world.

OUR Founder

First of all let me introduce myself my name is Mohammad Al-Shamsi from United Arab Emirates.

My life has been changed since I competed in Mobile Robotics on WorldSkills Shizuoka 2007 in Japan, I established the Emirates Robotics Club to teach and support those who are interested in robotics. Also I have started my own businesses which is a robotics company called RoboHiTec.

Moreover, I have developed different type of robots like my first robot named 3G Robot, provided by a camera and controlled by the owner’s mobile phone. The second robot is a Police Robot which is a remote control robot to remove dangers goods. Furthermore I have built Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) and two types of Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV).

Additionally, I hold many awards like First Prize in 2007 Robot competition at Dubai Men’s College, selected as one of the top 100 Arab inventors in Star of Science competition, I won Gold Medal in the 11th GCC Scientific forum in Dubai 2009, moreover I hold the first place in Unmanned Rodeo Systems in Abu Dhabi 2011, and finally I got a third place in Tomohat Shabab competition in Sharjah 2011.

In conclusion now I’m a CEO of RoboHiTec Company, a president of Emirates Robotics Club, Jury President on Robotics for EmiratesSkills and Mobile Robotic Expert for WorldSkills. Finally this is just a brief about me and how my life has been changed.