WSR JR Collection 2019

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The WSR JR Collection 2019 is recommended for High School use for students ages 14 to 17. This collection is similar to the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection as it is based on the myRIO and LabVIEW, and includes the MD2 Motor & Sensor Driver Board. It also includes a training guide for new teams and new students entering a robotics program. The guide introduces the use of sensors and motors, and building of a robot and programming the robot using LabVIEW, the my myRIO, and the MD2 Motor and Sensor Driver Board.


The package includes,

  • Training Guide with instructions on building 3 robots
  • NI myRIO with 3 LabVIEW licenses
  • WSR MD2 Motor & Sensor Driver Board
  • WSR Camera
  • WSR Line Follower Sensor
  • WSR Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
  • WSR IR Range Sensor
  • WSR DC Motors with Encoder (2)
  • WSR Quarter Scale - Winch Servo Motor & Horn
  • WSR Continuous Rotation Servo
  • WSR 180° Standard Servo
  • WSR 101mm(4inch) Omni Wheels (8)
  • Assortment of WSR gears, sprockets, axles, couplers, chain, bushings and Rack and Pinion Linear Slide Pack
  • Assortment of WSR Brackets and Structural Components
  • Assortment of WSR Fasteners