WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection 2018

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This set includes the new MD2 Motor Driver Board, enhanced higher torque motors with integrated encoders and a new customizes Studica Toolkit.

The WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection 2018 by Studica includes the following components, 

Structural Components

  • The 2018 edition still uses metric heavy-duty aluminum channel pieces are now the structural base for building. New components include the enhanced Rack and Pinion Linear Slide, Aluminum Spacers, Linear Motion Shaft and Slide Units, Pivot Arm, Small Beams and Linkages, Gussets and Plates.   

Motors and Motor Controls

  • The New DC Motors are now 12-Volt, 100 rpm and 700 oz-in of torque compared to 320 oz-in. of torque in the old motors.  Built-in encoders which will save time in assembly and eliminate in mistakes.  

Wheels, Gears and Drive Train

  • The 2018 collection still uses 101mm Omni wheels for a greater range of travel options. This will allow for 4 wheel independent drive or 2 wheel gear or chain drive systems. Shaft hubs and a greater selection of spacers, bushings, axles and hubs have also been added. A timing belt and pulleys are also now included.   

Sensors, Controllers, and Batteries

  • All sensors, controllers and batteries are the same as 2017. The only change is the new Studica MXP-MD2 Motor Driver Adapter.
  • The new Studica MXP-MD2 High Power Motor Driver Adapter now provides 12A continuous with up to 30A stall on each motor. Users can run 2 DC motors and 3 servo motors at the same time with our custom FPGA configuration.  MD2 Specification are as follows:,
    • 12A continuous with up to a 30A stall
    • Ping port
    • Sharp IR port
    • LSB (line sensor) port
    • 2 Encoders
    • 3 Servo ports
    • NavX port
    • Blackhawk port
    • Built in current sense on motors
    • Can run 2 motors and 3 servos at the same time if using custom FPGA



Various fasteners are included. Thumbscrews allow for rapid prototyping solutions